Assignment #1

100 points


Esteban Montenegro-Montenegro


March 1, 2023


In this assignment you’ll have to answer questions based on the presentation Introduction to Probability and Statistics and the lecture Probability distributions and random variables. Also, you may need to check the examples provided by Westfall & Henning (2013) (Chapter 1).

Please submit your answers in a Word document or Libre Office document with a cover page. Copy the question and then answer the question in the following paragraph, similar to this example

1) What is a parameter?

Answer: A parameter is an unknown value in a model, but it will be estimated using the data

In addition, please watch the next video where I explain how to add your R code to your answers CLICK HERE.

Extra points (5 points)

Create a good meme to express how you feel in this class, include your meme in your Word document.


Westfall, P. H., & Henning, K. S. (2013). Understanding advanced statistical methods. CRC Press Boca Raton, FL, USA: