PSYC4310: Seminar in Social Psychology

Welcome to my Seminar in Social Psychology!

The Seminar in Social Psychology is in reality an excuse to conduct research in a wide number of topics. The main goal in simple words is to provide a space where the students can take their first steps to prepare a research proposal, and create a scientific poster.

It is a joke where a professor brings a trojan horse. On the top of the picture it says " research in social psychology" inside the trojan horse it says "R code", and there is a castle named "students". The trojan horse was send to the castle, in this case, the students.

In this course I usually try to add some R code along with stats, because why not? statistics are everywhere and they are fun!

You may check a sample of the syllabus: Syllabus

You may also check some of the presentations I prepared for this course:

Lecture 1: The journey to the begining

Lecture 2: Designing your research project

Supporting materials

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